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Jonas Lauren Norr was a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Gravity Group

Crest’s goal is to create value in its financial products by providing a better way to invest. There are many different ways to invest your money, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, real estate investments, and commodities. Crest has agreed with Ethos Real Asset. Together, we will create a joint venture to help develop deep technology ecosystems that will change the future of our economy. Ethos Real Asset is a Silicon Valley startup whose team includes entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, advisors and other partners.

Ethos seeks to revolutionize real estate economics by leveraging blockchain technologies to create highly efficient land management systems that enable greater access to capital, lower costs, increased transparency, and accelerated speed to market.

Crest currently holds an equity stake in Ethos and plans to participate in the joint venture in exchange for additional company shares upon successful closing. Joint Ventures are partnerships that combine the efforts of two businesses to achieve greater success. Some joint ventures are formed by merging two companies, while other forms of joint ventures come about through co-investing or shared development of products. Joint ventures often accomplish goals such as improving efficiency, reducing costs, increasing productivity, or creating a stronger market presence. However, sometimes joint ventures fail because both parties in the partnership end up getting what they wanted out of the deal and nothing else.

When Crest joined forces with DSP Global, Inc., we were looking for Alpha. We wanted to expand into an area of technological innovation that could give us a competitive advantage. Our partnership with DSP Global gives us access to cutting-edge technologies that we couldn’t have afforded otherwise. It also allows us to work closely together and share best practices. The MOU Proposal describes a partnership through which Crest will provide financial services and expertise in digital asset management and blockchain technology to Ethos Real Assets. Through this arrangement, Crest will provide Ethos with access to the global capital markets and Crest’s ability to offer clients access to innovative solutions that address real-world challenges associated with the growth of digital assets. In exchange, Ethos Real Assets will receive a fee for providing advisory services and facilitating the development and implementation of blockchain-based platforms.

Crest Resources Inc. proudly announces that Jonas Lauren is joining its board of directors. He is an investor in early-stage companies through his investment firm Gravity Ranch Ventures. Before founding Gravity Ranch,Jonas Lauren Norr was a co-founder and managing partner of Gravity Group, LLC, a private equity fund focused on investments in early-stage technology companies. He began his career at McKinsey & Company, working on projects related to emerging markets. During his time there, he built a network of contacts that provided him entrée to Silicon Valley and China. In 1999, he founded Gravity Ranch Ventures, a company dedicated to identifying, funding, and developing innovative companies that address global challenges.