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Dr. David Parrott, University Administrator

Dr. David Parrott is an experienced higher education administrator, currently serving as the director of the University of Alberta’s Institute. He is in the field for Humanities Research, and also as a professor in the Faculty of Arts and Science. David Parrott holds a Ph.D. (1991) in philosophy from the University of Toronto, an MSc (1986) in philosophy from Queen’s University. 


Also, he holds a BA (1984) in philosophy from the University of Western Ontario. In addition to being a professor at the U of A, he has held teaching positions at Queen’s University, York University, Trent University, and McMaster University. University administrator David Parrott has also held research and administrative positions at the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario, and Queen’s University. 


The higher education expert David Parrott was an Associate Director of the Institute for Philosophy and Humanities Research at Queen’s University (1988-1992). Also, a Research Associate in Philosophy at the University of Toronto (1990-1991); a Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy at Trent University (1991-1995); and an Associate Professor in Philosophy at McMaster University (1995-1997). 


Dr. David Parrott has also served as Chair of the Board of Trustees for The Humanities Research Council (1991-1993) and as a member of The Institute for Advanced Studies on Humanities, Culture and Society (1996). He is currently a director on several external research councils, including The Canadian Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council; The Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council; and the Social Sciences & Engineering Research Council.

In addition to his teaching duties, Dr. Parrott is also known for his work on postmodernism and its implications for higher education. At UF, the education expert had many opportunities to teach and was recognized as a top academic administrator in the country. David Parrott´s administrative experience will be invaluable to UF as he leads the institute through its first year of operation. To be successful like Dr. Parrott, UF must continue to build upon its strengths as a research university, while also focusing on the needs and interests of students.