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Tom Keane on Azure and Space Development

Software developer Tom Keane is the corporate Vice President of mission engineering at Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform that provides cloud services to the public. He graduated from his alma mater, the University of South Australia, with a bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2000. In the last twenty-one years, Tom Keane has gained experience and skills in software development and cloud computing.


Also, Tom Keane specializes in software design, cloud infrastructure, distributed systems, and system architecture. In 2021, Tom Keane received the Pinnacle Award for Cloud Industry Executive of the year in the Public Company category. His notable achievements at Microsoft included launching Azure Government Top Secret and Azure Government Secret cloud regions and launching a portfolio of edge devices to allow everyone worldwide access to rich cloud capabilities. 


Under Tom Keanes’s control, Azure is expanding its focus toward space, allowing software developers to compute at the ultimate edge using artificial intelligence. Azure has reduced the barriers that bar the entry of software solutions for space applications by increasing the modularity and flexibility of software solutions. 


Tom Keane informs how Azure has been working. Azure has partnered with NASA, Left Orbital, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to unlock a space glove, analyze, deploy, develop and operate any space application on the ground or in orbit. Engineer Tom Keane adds that the Artificial Intelligence can detect damage to the astronaut’s equipment and identify the condition of the glove. 


Under the partnership with Loft Orbital, software developers will have more efficient paths to flight, and they do not have to build and launch their on-orbit hardware. The partnership allows parties that need space capabilities to leverage on-orbit by sharing the hardware. Tom Keane finally states that the groundbreaking capability will launch in 2023, allowing third-party software applications to deploy and operate in a shared orbit.