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About Hughes Marino Representation Firm

Hughes Marino combines proven experience with an unrelenting commitment to excellence. We represent property owners and tenants in all types of commercial project management transactions throughout the U.S. Our client base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, including technology companies, healthcare organizations, non-profit institutions, manufacturing facilities, retail outlets, and financial institutions. 


Our team at the representation firm is composed of highly experienced professionals dedicated to solving your challenges and achieving your goals. Hughes Marino is an industry leader in commercial project management brokerage specializing exclusively in tenant representation. We’re proud of our strong reputation for customer service and professionalism. 


Our clients know they can count on us to guide them through every step of their purchase or leasing process. We’ve been helping businesses grow, and we think we’ve become their trusted friend and advisor. At Hughes Marino, we have built a strong foundation for our company culture. We have done this by spending time together both inside and outside the office. By doing this, we created an environment with shared experiences and understandings. 


At Hughes Marino, we also practiced empathy through activities like role play exercises to connect more deeply within ourselves and with others. We have learned to trust each other and treat everyone respectfully and kindly. We care about each other because we know exactly how hard each of us works and appreciate all we do for this project (Facebook).


We knew investing in high-quality communication tools could help us through tough times, and we wanted to share our experience with other startups and buisiness. So we started the Video Phone Company! Our team realized that video phones could help remote workers stay connected, collaborate, and be part of the same team throughout the year and the pandemic. At Hughes Marino, we’re helping companies around the nation bring back their remote workers’ connections and teamwork.