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 Jason Russel Professional Views on Logistics and Supply Chain Technology, As an Investment Banker

Due to the complexities experienced in investment banking, logistics, and supply chain technology, there has been a need to seek professional logistics and supply chain technology advice and views from an investment banker like Jason Russell. Sparkasse Bank Malta, a corporate bank dealing with managing and holding assets, has considered Jason Russel’s views and expert opinion in understanding the complex nature of investments banking, logistics, and chain technology.

According to Jason Russel, about 15 sub-sectors in investment banking, logistics, and chain technology. However, very few professionals, corporate banks, and organizations understand the 15 sub-groups of the abovementioned industries. Russel holds experience and a solid background in all three sectors including, investment baking, logistics, and chain technology. He undertook the key advisor role of selling a majority stake in 3GTMS, a software that manages transportation.

In addition, Russel also played as a key financial advisor of an acquisition project of HighJump Software. Jason Russel is currently working with investment banking organizations such as Sparkasse Bank Malta in implementing new supply chain technology. Sparkasse Bank Malta was established in 2000 and is presently owned by Anteilsverwaltungssparkasse Schwaz, an Austria-based corporate entity. The bank embraces transparency, prudence, and ethics as its business model.

Sparkasse Bank investments and banking services include corporate entities, private customers, asset managers, funds, and other regulated investment entities. According to Jason Russel, the logistics sector will experience enormous transformation soon. He believes that the logistics sector industry will expand out of traditional transportation and out of the warehouse. He also states that shippers seek better solutions to leverage data at an affordable price and faster way.

Jason Russel is currently focusing on the convergence of technology with several traditional industry sectors. Russel believes and understands that technology has become an essential element in managing the complexities of supply chain solutions, logistics, and investment banking. Website: https://www.sparkasse-bank-malta.com/