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Vik Bansal, the InfraBuild CEO is Confident that Australia’s Manufacturing Industry can Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic Aftermath

The COVID-19 crisis has strained the supply chains at an unimaginable level. Many aspects are attributable to this situation like increased demand, inadequate raw materials, and labor shortages. This situation began with global shipping terminals bottlenecks and then reverberated across supply chains down to storage units as well as distribution facilities.

The systems were overwhelmed, therefore, causing stress, and so the developed nations can now rethink their positions, and Australia falls in that category. As economies rejuvenate and ventures reopen globally, the search for normalcy and the repercussions of the struggling manufacturing industry are still prevalent and fresh.

However, opportunities pop up where weaknesses occur, and InfraBuild’s CEO Vik Bansal bears this perspective. InfraBuild is the best manufacturer, recycler, and distributor of integrated steel, and over Vik Bansal’s tenure, he transformed operations and the waste control industry at large.

Vik Bansal also advocates for the country to establish reusing infrastructure, and so facilitate the creation of a perfect economy. Vik also aspires for the manufacturing department to embrace hard work, and also believes that the industry can grow to accomplish self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Australia’s manufacturing history runs deeper, and Vik Bansal retaliates that the crisis has illustrated that the country has let the industry down. After World War II, a third of Australians were working in the manufacturing industry, and today the ratio has decreased. The nation could decide to export the basic materials to other nations, therefore, boosting their value. Australia would then import the refined products.

Vik Bansal’s Profile

In 2015, Bansal joined the Cleanaway team as the Managing Director and CEO. He prides on more than two decades of exposure in different management positions in the US, Asia, and Australia. Therefore, his performance record is proven, and so any organization he joins results in significant advancement, improvement, and transition.

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