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John Ritenour Offer His Valuable Advice on Becoming a Prosperous Executive

As an accomplished insurance entrepreneur, many people seek out the insights offered by business icon John Ritenour. Now retired, the entrepreneur discusses several factors that made him stand out from the general pack. He started by saying that he does not believe there are shortcuts to succeeding, especially in his profession. There could be no substitute for honest hard work, which eventually pays off.

During his time, he maintained a healthy life-work balance which most professionals lack. He also set several short and long-term goals, which he remained devoted to throughout his time. He was focused on actualizing the objectives as efficiently as possible and within the set time frames. Each sales-based corporation is dependent on the consistent inflow of prospects who ideally become clients.

Through a well-modeled marketing strategy, a business attracts prospects which a talented salesperson then captures. John notes that when working with IOA, their marketing programs were always focused on establishing mutual partnerships that would provide a niche within their targeted community. Typically, the IOA officials sponsor works or events with organizations within a specific consumer group or industry. The strategy makes IOA familiar to prospects in the target community.

This connection makes it more likely that consumers or businesses will contact the insurance brokerage for their needs. John Ritenour established the IOA insurance sports practice department together with Heath Ritenour, his son. Both are huge sports fans and enjoy dispensing the specialized insurance product together. They have even designed specific coverages for the pro sports arenas and sports teams.

About John Ritenour

John Ritenour states that if he could offer his younger version advice, he would provide valuable information that almost applies to every ambitious young entrepreneur. He would remind himself that even though the key to any business is hard work, one should also enjoy the rewards brought forth by the journey. Ritenour notes that every week victories, no matter how small, should be celebrated.

Learn more about John: https://johnritenour.me/