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M Patrick Carroll Vision to Enter CARROLL’s Target Market Becomes A Reality With Acquisition Of Two Properties In Las Vegas

Carroll’s remarkable market expansion continued in Las Vagas, Nevada, with the acquisition of two multifamily properties, the Emerald Springs and the Meadows. The founder and CEO of Carroll, M Patrick Carroll, viewed the purchase as a landmark achievement in helping the company attain its vision of targeting longer-term holds with growth opportunities in a market of interest for the past three years. The new assets will undergo interior renovations to improve the amenities and common area, which M Patrick Carroll explained is in line with the vision of targeting properties in prime locations that require moderate capital infusion with a potential for value growth.

The purchased properties are near Nellis Boulevard, about 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, making them ideal for people working in the tourism industry. They will be rebranded as ARIUM Emerald, which offers 436 units, and ARIUM Meadows with 383 units, adding 819 units to Carroll’s portfolio of more than 28,000 units. M Patrick Carroll has seen Carroll’s portfolio grow across eight states, with the company’s real estate purchases, development, and sales surpassing $13.1 billion since 2004. The company has further developed projects, including single-family residential housing, student housing, and retail communities with a market value of over $250 million for clients.

As Carroll’s founder and CEO, M Patrick Carroll is a philanthropist, offering his money, time, and assistance to more than 50 charity organizations globally that focus on wellness, health, and early childhood development. M Patrick Carroll also serves on the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay Board and Jesuit High School Foundation Board. He is also the SPAL part-owner, an Italian football team from Ferrara, Emilia-Romagna.

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