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Capella Space CEO: Payam Banazadeh

Payam Banazadeh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Capella Space company, which is a Silicon Valley project. The company uses SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), which enables it to get the earth surface images irrespective of weather conditions or time. SAR technology can produce energy by itself. This enables it to have the ability to capture an image depending on its reflection on the earth’s surface.

Payam Banazadeh pursued his Aerospace Engineering studies in Austin from Texas University, where he was awarded the Texas Outstanding Scholar and Leader in 2012. This was a result of his outstanding leadership and excellent academic performance. In 2017, Payam Banazadeh had the opportunity to be on Forbes 30 under 30.

While he was still at the university, Payam Banazadeh got an internship with NASA, inspiring and educating STEM students. At NASA, he got promoted severally, and when he was leaving the agency, he was acting as the Project System Engineer leader.

Additionally, during his time with the agency, Payam Banazadeh attained the NASA Mariner Honor for overseeing two big projects. Also, his exceptional performance in coming up with NASA’s new projects and concepts led to his award, the NASA Discovery Honor.

After ending his terms with NASA, Payam Banazadeh received NSF (National Science Foundation) sponsorship to further his studies at the Stanford University, where he graduated with a business degree. It was during this time that Payam Banazadeh, together with William Woods, established Capella Space. The Capella Space aim was to come up with an easy way of monitoring the earth from space and to offer different industries transparency.

The inspiration behind the establishment of this company was the vanishing of Malaysian Flight 370. Payam Banazadeh and William Woods believed that, with the advancing modern technology, such occurrences should not go unnoticed. Recently Payam Banazadeh Company dispatched Sequoia, its first planned earth-monitoring satellites.