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An Overview of the Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is a private company that started in 2002 to offer essential services and ensure its services are provided to customers in a single bundle. The bundle has mobile, home insurance, boiler care, home phone, and broadband. They have over 650,000 customers across all its services. Their primary aim is to help families save time and money with their simplified home services.

The company brought in two subsidiary firms from Npower in 2013. The acquisition made the company the most prominent and independent energy provider in the whole of the United Kingdom. They have even won an award for being the best utility brand of the year 2018 for broadband, energy, and mobile services. Despite being among the most prominent energy supply firms, Utility Warehouse s don’t carry out a lot of advertising. They mainly rely on their many agents and loyal customers for recommendations. They then reward their over 45,000 agents with incentives, which motivates them to sign up new customers.

Utility Warehouse mainly deals with electricity, gas, and contracts for services such as home insurance, Broadband, Home Phone, and mobile. The charges are all bundled up in a single bill that comes with huge discounts. They also offer a free replacement for LED bulbs as an incentive for customers who buy the energy bundle or the bundled services. The company issues their customers with a cashback card that earns the customers cashback of 7% whether they make the transactions online or at agent’s shops. The cashback earned by the customer gets deducted from the monthly bill.

Customers who want access to the Utility Warehouse services and have traditional prepayment meters can join easily. Customers using Smart prepayment meters from the company must change to credit Mode and start getting monthly bills instead of the pay-as-you-go. Prepayment customers will make their payments at Payzone, PayPoint, and post offices.