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Andrew Brooks Shows Success in the Retail Industry

Andrew Brooks is well prepared for the changing demands of the retail industry in the United States. With consumers looking for new products, retailers must understand the market and how best to reach their target audience.

Andrew Brooks, founder of Sinclair Global, has extensive and relevant experience in how to be successful in the retail industry. Brooks has past entrepreneurial experience with Vianel which offers leather wallets and accessories sold both online and in select global fine retailers. Currently, as CEO of Sinclair Global, Brooks is quickly expanding a line of New York City unisex streetwear, with an understanding of the present business environment and the demands of the consumer. For example, he understands the importance of collaborating with the right influencers to promote the products. Brooks also understands that it is important to have genuine and authentic relationships with influencers, or else consumers may not trust the brand. Knowing what type of audience an influencer has is also important. This could vary depending on the expense of the item, how the item is used in daily life, and so on. They must be cohesive with the target audience the business is trying to sell the product to.

Andrew Brooks has created strong relationships with celebrities and influencers using social media with both Vianel and Andrew Brooks Sinclair Global. These have included influencers such as Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Drake. Smaller brands may not be able to financially afford to work with celebrities such as these, however they may be able to offer customizable products to generate interest in their products. Thinking outside of the financial box may be a necessity with so many companies vying for celebrities’ attention. Andrew Brooks also feels communication is important in today’s digital world. Social media can be a powerful tool in marketing products and providing customer service in real-time interactions with consumers.

In order to meet the demands of the current retail industry, Andrew Brooks feels retailers should implement new technologies when offering products. He also expects that Direct-to-Consumer distribution will grow tremendously, and that consumers will focus their attention on sustainable products and business practices. Brooks plans to use this knowledge and experience to continue to grow Sinclair Global in providing the right products that meet the needs of the perfect target audience.

Original source to learn more: https://andrewbrookssinclair.medium.com/