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Ombori Talks About Changing Consumer Values: Why the Modern Customer is Shopping Online and How Retailers Can Win

The modern customer is shopping online more than ever before according to Ombori. Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with the internet, so it’s no wonder they’re starting to prefer e-commerce sites over brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers can win by catering to this new generation of consumers through their websites or social media platforms. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how retailers can win in today’s market by using our tips for effective eCommerce marketing strategies!

Build trust with your audience

Building trust is key for any brand looking to create an understanding of why you’re different from the rest according to Ombori. Your audience wants to know that they can rely on you, and without some sort of assurance, they’ll likely go elsewhere. This doesn’t mean that you need to divulge every single detail about your brand or company (especially sensitive information like financial data and statistics), but you do need to be open and honest with your consumer values.

To build Consumer Values Through Trust, try:

– People want to know the “why” behind your brand or company. Why do you exist? What are your goals? How can it help them? You don’t have to share confidential details, but you should be able to give a general idea of where you’re coming from. Being transparent

– Share what makes your brand unique and why it’s beneficial to your customer values. People like learning about new things, so make sure to get them interested in whatever it is you’re talking about by showing how it can help them! Showing customer support.

According to Ombori, retailers should focus on sticking to their customers’ interests, goals, and desires. If you can pinpoint these things about your customer base, they’ll be more likely to stick around with you in the long run!

Use a mobile-responsive site

According to research, as of 2016, there were over 77 million smartphone users in the U.S alone. As mobile technology continues to improve and mobile devices become more prominent, it’s no wonder that many consumer values are making purchases from their phones!