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The Life Of a Seasoned Entrepreneur Krishen Iyer

Successful entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is an American entrepreneur currently owning residential and commercial real estate in California. He is a young entrepreneur born in California and attended Bullard high school. Later in his career he went to San Diego State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. Immediately after graduation, Krishen Iyer focused his attention on the insurance sector. He first founded his first company, an MNP insurance company known as Name My Premium. 


The company did very well, and due to Lyer’s leadership qualities, the company experienced phenomenal growth. Krishen Iyer is known to have a good personality, and he is currently the CEO and the founder of MAIS consulting. It is a consulting company that helps companies with marketing, contracting, strategic growth, and developing company policies. Mr. Krishen layer has a customer-oriented leadership strategy. He always looks for new ways of serving his clients to their satisfaction. He starts his day with a meeting with the clients. In these meetings, his subjects can raise their concerns

Successful entrepreneur and CEO Krishen Iyer spends the rest of the day solving these problems in the best way possible. Moreover, Mr. Krishen is also passionate about finances, playing chess and tennis, learning new skills, and spending time with his family. He is also a generous person, and over the years, he has been involved in many philanthropic activities within the community. Some of the most known charities Krishen Iyer has been involved in are Haiti’s relief efforts meant to help the casualties of the great earthquake. He is also involved in the Make-A-Wish Foundation that helps to bring children’s imagination into reality.