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San Diego Tenants Love Jason Hughes

 Who is Jason Hughes?


Tenant representation company Hughes Marino is owned and directed by Jason Hughes. He began working in commercial sale-leaseback transactions in Los Angeles in the 1980s. He eventually moved to San Diego. Over his 30-year career he has represented tenants in complex and high-stakes lease and purchase negotiations. From Pepperdine University Jason Hughes earned his business administration undergraduate degree. He also earned an MBA with a specialization in financing tenant representation. He continued his education with executive programs at institutions such as Harvard University and the UCLA Anderson School of Business.


Jason Hughes is a very influential figure in commercial tenant representation. In particular, he is a leading expert in the field of tenant representation. The successful businessman Jason Hughes pioneered the landmark Dual Agency Disclosure Bill, also known as SB 1171. The Dual Agency Disclosure Bill was signed into California law in August 2014. Jason Hughes explains how the law commands real transparency and fairness for California commercial tenants. Under the law, tenants must be informed when a broker they are working with works to represent buyers and sellers of commercial tenant representation. 


This allows tenants to be aware of potential conflicts of interest. Jason Hughes has negotiated many complex leases with high values. For example, he has extensive experience in everything from early renegotiations to government negotiations. Jason Hughes has negotiated some of the most substantial tenant and lease transactions in California over his 30-year career. With this experience, it’s no wonder he is regarded as the commercial sale-leaseback transactions expert of California.


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