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Voice Artist Mark Hauser

Mark Hauser is a voice actor and on-screen actor of American and Canadian descent. He grew up in the Great Lakes region, having been born in Michigan. Mark Hauser and his family currently reside in the Montreal, Canada region.

Mark Hauser has appeared in several live-action and animated television shows, as well as animated films. Hauser also has a wide range of commercial voice-overs, video game voice-over, and narration demo projects under his belt. In addition to Jennifer Love Hewitt, Michael Madsen, and Nathalie Zea, he has appeared in films alongside other well-known performers. In the animated world, he had a prominent role in SAHARA, a Netflix Original that was recently released. His work has made him recognized by receiving a nomination for the Actra Award.

The Working Process

For every part, he envisions the perfect embodiment of that character. He develops an image of how people should walk, dress, and talk. So, after nailing down those traits, he considers how the character would react to various scenarios in the plot that may arise.

His personality must blend into the background to watch the character brought to life, so he immerses himself in that process.

His habit of establishing a list of around five things he wants to accomplish the next day to achieve a specific objective has helped him become more productive. There are many chances available for entrepreneurs and industry workers. He takes advantage of his industry connections and word-of-mouth to learn about future acting gigs. I ask my agency to explore projects that I believe I would love.

Mark Hauser on Reading Books

Mark Hauser is a voracious reader, and his favorite novel is The Endurance by William Faulkner. People are starting to reread books, especially during the epidemic when people are inundated with electronics.