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Several Incredible Details About Abdulla Al Humaidi

Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi is also known as Abdulla Mohamed Saleh Al Humaidi. He is of Kuwait nationality and a businessman. Abdulla Al Humaidi is an educated man. He has an education in medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. He is the founder and chief executive office of Kuwait European Holdings. He also holds many roles in different investment portfolios. Below are some of the companies associated with Abdulla Al Humaidi. 


  1. The London Resort

It is a new project taking place in London. The company behind this project intends to construct a world-class resort with fewer carbon principles. It is a recreational park set to serve people from the UK and visiting the UK. 


  1. Armila Capital Limited

Armila Capital limited is an investment banking firm owned by Abdulla Al Humaidi. It is a firm that helps investors make wise decisions about their investment needs. It also deals with real estate advisory and strategic consulting services. It operates mainly in Europe, Middle East countries, Asia and India. 


  1. MEDCORP Holding Company, KUWAIT

Due to his background in medicine, Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi is making a difference in society. Here, is able to provide quality medical care and products to people in Kuwait and nearby countries. Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi is a force to reckon with in the entertainment, business, and medical services. Other companies associated with him include Al-Robaeya Brokerage Company and Al-Fouz Investment Company. He also has a big role to play in Ebbsfleet United Football Club.