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PosiGen’s Sustainable Solar Energy Solution

We all know how beneficial it is to use solar power in our homes. Unfortunately, getting connected to this clean and natural source of energy is not always easy or affordable. Thankfully, that’s the reason why PosiGen was established. Today, countless low-to-moderate income families and communities are enjoying affordable, efficient and sustainable solar energy by courtesy of this company. PosiGen is focused on assisting homeowners to control their energy costs better, and it guarantees low monthly energy costs to everyone who receives their services. The company provides regular maintenance and monitoring as well as free installation services. 


How does PosiGen’s program work?


PosiGen installs a two-directional meter that lets you enjoy both solar energy and energy from the grid as necessary. In other words, while your home will primarily be receiving power from the solar panels when your installation is completed, you will also be getting power from the grid every time the generated solar energy fails to meet all your energy demands. Note that this means that your energy bill will be limited to the energy that you’ll have used. Depending on the weather and your home, there will be times when your solar panels will generate more energy than you require. In this case, PosiGen’s system will ensure that the excess power goes to the grid automatically, and you’ll receive a certain amount of credits in return. If you want, you’ll enjoy these credits in the form of free energy from the grid. 


That’s not all!


PosiGen also conducts regular energy audits in homes to identify and correct energy losses and air leaks. The company makes all the necessary upgrades to ensure homeowners enjoy optimal energy savings while taking advantage of solar energy. One of the most important things PosiGen does during an audit is a window, attic and door assessment. They make sure these important areas are properly insulated to prevent heat loss. PosiGen also does blower door testing, compliance appliance zone test, thermal imaging or infrared scanning and other inspections to make sure all homeowners receiving their services receive the lowest energy bills possible, stay comfortable and healthy, and enjoy a cleaner environment.