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 Michael Capiraso Comes Up with Virtual Races During the Covid19 Pandemic

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, several sectors have suffered It has affected everything including the normalcy in the operations leading to desperation among many. To counter the effects of the pandemic on athletes, Michael Capiraso decided to come up with virtual races. Michael is a highly recognized runner and entrepreneur who also served at New York City Marathons as its former chief executive officer.

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Michael explains the significance of virtual races during the hard time of pandemics as it has helped reduce the infection rate. He adds that this is the most appropriate time to remain indoors with our family and loved ones. And for those working, it is important to do so virtually. Another reason for him coming up with virtual races is to enable runners to remain connected regardless of the negative impacts of the pandemic.

However, it is integral for event planners to be keen and creative enough when coming up with such events. One of the events, destined for 2020 Spring, the Boston Marathon was canceled for not following the Coronavirus guidelines. Several runners who had been working tirelessly for months to participate in the competition were left surprised and frustrated.

A solution for the Boston Marathon race had to be found and that’s why planners decided to come up with a virtual race destined for September. The virtual races have helped a big deal and have severed effectively and efficiently from 2020 to 2021.

The difference between virtual races to normal races is that in virtual races, there are no spectators. On winning, you will be awarded a medal that will be brought to your place of stay. You need to sign up first before you get involved in this race. Always remember to embrace social distancing, wear your face mask properly, and follow all Coronavirus safety measures to compete effectively.

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