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A glance at Gary McGaghey’s career

Gary McGaghey is a multitalented CFO who has affiliate connections with global business giants such as Pharma, IT, Media, and FMCG. He is best known for his outstanding track record of promoting increased shareholder value through the following tactics:

Strong leadership abilities
Expertise developed in balance sheet restructuring and business deals
M&A and generic lead growth across global markets in Africa, U.S, Asia, and Europe.
Leading in governance of private companies, JV, and PLC
Taking the lead in global transformation programs through delivering substantial cost efficiencies
Leveraging strategic IT and ecomm investments to increase growth and efficiencies
Leading integrations, carve outs, and disposals in business

Private equity deals viewpoint in 2021

Currently, Gary McGaghey is the Group CFO at Williams Lee Tag, a position well deserved, given his expertise in private equities. Speaking of private equities, the momentum of private equities firms from late 2020 is expected to proceed at the same rate through 2021.

During the first five months of 2021, the private equity deals increased by 21.9 %, resulting into 2346 deals, when compared to the same period in 2020.

The historically low interest rates of 2020 have allowed private equity firms to benefit from the huge market tailwinds that were triggered by the low interest rates.

The fundraising, which is at an incessant high level with the United States private equity dry powder, also benefited the private equity firms with $150.1 billion.

Additionally, there are high levels of deployable capital for private equity firms in 2021, resulting from the increase in new funds that are being set up by experienced private equity professionals, with established funds.

The growth of private equity firms has increased competition for traditional PE deals. This has led to many firms evolving into diversified alternative asset managers that have holdings in a variety of asset classes.

As such, a private equities connoisseur like Gary McGaghey, will definitely advice private equities firms to do more detailed analysis of any ESG risks across their portfolio and be more discerning of their targets.