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SextPanther is the Ultimate in Safe and Discreet Texting for Adults

Sexting has been a popular, if not controversial, way to communicate for quite some time now. This modern day extension of the written word is even more essential in this age when many people rely on texting as their sole means of communication. SextPanther taps into that culture and evolves it with entertainment twists making […]

PosiGen’s Sustainable Solar Energy Solution

We all know how beneficial it is to use solar power in our homes. Unfortunately, getting connected to this clean and natural source of energy is not always easy or affordable. Thankfully, that’s the reason why PosiGen was established. Today, countless low-to-moderate income families and communities are enjoying affordable, efficient and sustainable solar energy by […]

Zilch’s BNPL Platform, the Best Software After Fintech Unicorn

Zilch provides a unique BNPL card that eases shoppers’ experiences at the retailers’ joints without incurring unnecessary charges. Therefore, many people are signing up for this card. This financing undertaking has terminated a new sponsorship round to improve the payment system. Zilch established the introductory card in the past year that enables customers to buy […]

 Michael Capiraso Comes Up with Virtual Races During the Covid19 Pandemic

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, several sectors have suffered It has affected everything including the normalcy in the operations leading to desperation among many. To counter the effects of the pandemic on athletes, Michael Capiraso decided to come up with virtual races. Michael is a highly recognized runner and entrepreneur who also served at […]

A glance at Gary McGaghey’s career

Gary McGaghey is a multitalented CFO who has affiliate connections with global business giants such as Pharma, IT, Media, and FMCG. He is best known for his outstanding track record of promoting increased shareholder value through the following tactics: Strong leadership abilities Expertise developed in balance sheet restructuring and business deals M&A and generic lead […]

SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. Announces Two Permanent Additions to the Entertainment Executive Team

After a year of capacity limits due to COVID-19, SeaWorld enjoyed a robust Spring Break season. Facing a year-over-year loss of more than $44 million in 2021 Q1, the Board of Directors embraced the positive news. As company leadership takes a collective sigh of relief, they realize there are still challenges ahead. Scott Ross, Chairman of the […]