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Robert Bull Collaborative CEO

Robert Bull serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Australian-based company, RoyaleLife; This entity has been noted to aid retirement age professionals with suitable housing and internal security.

Robert Bull, CEO, is perhaps best known for an ongoing program called the Home Park Exchange that has built in momentum over the past few years. A person considering retirement puts up their home for sale and agrees to move into a one-story dwelling built by the company. In turn, RoyaleLife will pay 100 percent of the market value and provide a specified monetary amount for the recipient to use toward funding their retirement nest egg.

For example, a patron sells their home for $350,000 AU. In turn, they pay $300,000.00 AU for the constructed dwelling. The capital gain may be used for their retirement interests. The company, under Robert Bull, has developed nearly 60 luxury gated communities across Australia to date. It is said that this entity has an additional thirty developments at various phases of being completed.

The dwellings built by the company are fully furnished. Appliances are said to be new, which helps minimize the stress one undergoes when in the moving process.

The advantages to purchasing a home constructed by this entity include downsizing and reducing one’s equity to more manageable amount. Thus, someone moves into a community where neighbors share similar goals or desires at this life stage.

Robert Bull is endeavoring to offer a degree of certainty in a time noted for the apparent dominance of uncertainty. Robert Bull says of himself that he enjoys working with people, rather than people work for him. He voices excitement over the trend towards downsizing and increased personal efficiency.

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