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Grants Assist Organization Streamlines Cumbersome Grant Application Process

Grants Assist is an Australian organization that guides businesses to identify, prepare, and apply for government grants. They are based in Canberra. Most of these government grants are often underutilized because of the tedious process required in obtaining them. By making the process less cumbersome, this organization has helped struggling businesses to access the much-needed funds. Many are unaware of which grant to apply for, the requirements for such an application, or even the right time to apply. Grants Assist has streamlined this process, and upcoming businesses have gotten the funds they need to grow and expand their operations.

The grants available include Non-profit grants, business grants, and Startup grants, to name a few. For Non-profit organizations, these grants help them in their daily operations, growth, and community service provision. Business grants are for existing businesses, and the government supports them to increase local spending power. For good Startup businesses, many lack the funds for initial operating costs. Grants Assist avails different options for them to jumpstart their businesses. They can test their theories and products and later launch them.

Grants Assist also offers them training and mentorship, which turns struggling businesses into successful businesses within the community and beyond. They dedicate long hours to finding the appropriate opportunities as some grants are industry-specific, for example, transport, tourism, mining, digital content, and hospitals. They provide a list of subsidies, scholarships, incentives, and concessions. Filters, search options, and categories are made available so that applicants can access them with ease. Grant Writing Services and Consulting is also offered. A team of experienced staff is tasked with writing applications, introduction letters and generally ensuring that all requirements are met. Since competition for grants is high, applicants have to be very thorough when submitting their applications and ensuring they have the best category suitable for them.